Should you buy / preorder (vid to help decide)


The TLDR of this is obviously if in doubt wait till launch. But if you are really on the fence and looking for information this might help you decide if it's a game you will be giving a thumbs up or down. 

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Should you buy / preorder (vid to help decide)
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6 years 88 days ago
Brother Kundari
What would The Emperor do? He's been denied all comforts of life for over 10 millenia just to light our way home...
6 years 90 days ago
My thoughts on this? Nice video to watch, though. Don´t have the game yet.

But should I Buy/Pre-order? To say it like this. I decided that issue already 2 months ago.

Which platform? Well, that was decided for sure, now a month ago. Only thing that remains now is to get hold of the best package out there. Well, nearly though. Need food and drink too for sure. Go hungry for a week? Yes, definitely worth it for this game. Go hungry for a month to get the best package deal out there? Now that would just be plain outright STUPID, wouldn´t it?!