Should I reset my (invalid) character?


It appears that everyone who created a character before the transfer is having a ton of problems.  I haven't logged in yet since the transfer but one of the common problems is an error stating that you have an invalid character and if you want to reset your character.  My question is should I pick yes or no, some say it doesn't matter what you pick it will still remove perks or stats from your items.  If this happens what info should I email support, I had several epic/godlike items but I have no idea what the stats were is this something the devs can look up.  Are the devs working on another patch for all these problems and should I wait before logging back in to my character?

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Should I reset my (invalid) character?
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7 years 58 days ago

Send a mail to [email protected] containing your account name, so we can fix it for you.

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