Should I keep purple items?


Hi there,

i have a simple noobish question. should  I keepo purple items? I understand that I should keep relics to fuse them, but what about purple ones? Thanks in advance

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Should I keep purple items?
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5 years 54 days ago
Thank you all!
5 years 58 days ago
There are Purples and Purples. Some (crafted) could have something like +30% damage for skillX and -30% cooldown for skillX.

That's ~85% more damage with skillX, +30% CC  with that skill etc. If X happens to be very useful after modification, than it pays off to roll affix few time, if you got only one of them. Also, items with 2 good affixes - say xHP/hit and xSup/hit and something stupid (+damage while surrounded for ranged comes to mind), rerolling few times might give +CC% or something actually useful.

I'd be careful with money, but few rerolls won't make expense, you'll be even when you sell it, and Fate - well, it's only 3 now. Used to be 5, more worth. 

Look at stats and most of them can be sold immediately, I just put few examples where it's worth a try to modify...

5 years 59 days ago
90% of it you should just go ahead and sell for the Cash and Fate you get. And the remaining 10%? You should wear it.

Don´t ever bother recycling it. You may get good items for it, but if you selling it instead, you are guaranteed to get Fate Points for it too. And Fate Points is something you DO need.

5 years 59 days ago
Only if they're better than the ones you have. If not, sell them for fate points. If you feel you have enough points, recycle them for crafting.