Shotgun: Archeotech "enhanced" CRAFT bug


Enhanced Version of Archeotech CRAFT for SHOTGUNS has not been properly updated in last patch on PS4. Now enhanced version which had reduced CD on "Burst shot" is worse then normal craft, since its CD is still at 7 (burst shot was lowered from 10 to 3 in last patch) and also ammo capacity is worse I think. Maybe applies to otther ranged weapons as well? I dont have all craft recipes.

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Shotgun: Archeotech "enhanced" CRAFT bug
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3 years 64 days ago
I can confirm that problem for the pc version to some extend. I have some Archetech-Blueprints for the same weapon-type and some have the "enhanced-skills" and some dont.  I am currently using 2 autopistols. Both Archeotech but with different main-enchant. I crafted both today from blueprints. One has two skills marked with "^^", the other dont. The enhanced skills only use one of the guns(should be using both). 

After checking some more Blueprints i found serveral archeotech-blueprints that have different skills(with ^^ and without) for the same weapontype. Autpistol, Laspistol, Plasmapistol and Boltgun.(yes i like pistols*g*)

With these differences a proper dual-pistol build is almost impossible to play. Please check and upgrade the Blueprints as soon as possible or give us players a way to upgrade/downgrade these weapons to the current(intended¿) version.

3 years 68 days ago

Meanwhile i got some more Arechotech blueprints for ranged wepons with differen Color skills or "^^" Symbol on skills. I can confirm that all of them (Shotguns, Heavy Bolter, Gravgun,...) behave like pre-Weapon patch for the enhaces skills (PS4). Even weapon skill Affixes like "Giant-killer" have not been changed. Is this intended as legacy Version? Will that keep like this or are you gone fix it?!  A hotfix might be appropriate in case, since it essentially means some ppl are running around with non-nerfed weapons, while for most the old version is worse. What are your plans on this? I want to avoid crafting one of the older and spending tons of credits if you gone fix them after.

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3 years 87 days ago
Thanks, we will check the blueprints. As the weapons generate when you craft an item it should be strange to craft a weapon with its old pre-patch stats but to make sure we will have a look on it.