Shield on hit and kill not working with channeled, persistant, and AoE


Shield on hit and kill doesn't work with properly with AoE , channel, and persistant abilities.

Aoe hits can only trigger the bonus once.  Kill 6 dudes gain 50 shield.  Hit 6 dudes gain 10 shield.

Channel and persistant from grav gun hits enemies for 3 seconds gain NO shield, kill enemies with persistant or while channeling gain no shield.

I'm also worried hp/suppression doesn't work correctly for this either as well as the psyker debuff tree passive transfer strain and likely - warp heat on hit kill or added debuff.

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1 year 191 days ago
Oh and i just remembered it looked like the auto gun burst fire gave 30 shield per hit with it's burst fire for up to 90 shield per attack..i could be wrong but it was stacking a lot easier/faster than it should.