Settings for the camera.


! translator, sorry if this is not readable !

Hello, I would like to receive items in the game settings that would allow players to more precisely adjust the camera in the game to their liking, namely

1) The maximum distance that the camera can be remote.

2) tilt the camera. In most games of this genre, the camera is not at such a strong angle as in your game and there are many people for whom this is more convenient. + when the camera is as close as possible, the ability to adjust the tilt of the camera would allow turning the game from the top into a game with a view from the 3rd person, but with control on the mouse. Here is a screenshot of how the game looks when the camera is as close as possible. Imagine the same thing, but at a greater angle, as if the 3rd person. Its cool! This is a completely new gaming experience that would be to face in your game. This will resemble MMOs like wow or lineage 2, where the view is from the 3rd person, but moving, etc. with the mouse.

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Settings for the camera.
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174 days ago
Thanks for the feedback. As the camera angle has been adjusted with the 2.0 and offset is adjustable in the options which is a new feature, we will collect the opinions on these and will reconsider making more changes if necessary!