Servoskull minon


I was wondering if the Servoskull Minion from the Interrogator Pack does anything or is it just ornamental? 

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Servoskull minon
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6 years 212 days ago

So to be clear, if we purchased the pack that included the servo skull, we don't have access to it yet?  If not, will we get it before release, or not until after? anyone know?

6 years 278 days ago

No one knows as yet due to no info being released about them from the developers. I would guess that they will be purely cosmetic although i would like to see some form of boon for them to be used but only as long as "minions" use are not exclusive to the packs only. 

6 years 278 days ago

Will probably  be one of your retrue once that feature is unlocked at a later  date