Servers Down


Are the servers down again? ...two days so far of maintenance, could you please tell us how much longer?

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Servers Down
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58 days ago
I doubt that. :)
58 days ago

The maintenance is officially over on PS4 and players can login now. The game received a brand new backend service and we expect noticable improvements from a performance perspective.

Please check all your stuff and characters in-game and let us know if anything is missing!

Thanks for your patience over the last few days!

59 days ago
It's been over 48 hours for me
60 days ago

Our team is in the middle of transferring the game from an old server to a new (and more stable) backend server these days. The process is not yet done, hence the game is still under maintenance which prevents every PS4 player from logging in as the servers are not yet prepared and their characters and other stuff are not yet available.

We ask your kind patience in the upcoming period until we finalize the changes. As things stand now the maintenance will be over within 48 hours but hopefully even sooner. Please follow us on any of our social platforms to get the latest news about the end of the transfer.

60 days ago
It is up and running, but you won't be able to login. They are having the same issue with the PS5 as they had with the Xbox. It is on there end, so hopefully someone checks this and gets it patched asap.