Series X version fails to start


Just purchased the Series X version to play as I loved playing the XB1 version even on Series X. Unfortunately, on start it says "Something went wrong while connecting to the GameSparks Servers. Please try again later." I was under the impression they had changed the servers on the XB1 version months ago so why should it be trying to use obsolete servers on the next gen version...

Please fix this so I can play the game.

Edit, Further information. just installed previous gen version and it says exactly the same. deleted my saves everywhere as i was willing to start again, no help. chose a different account on login screen, takes them to link account so seems to work for them, just not me. unlinked my account to see if i can get the same, no luck, same error and now cannot link my account anymore as it never gets that far.

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Series X version fails to start
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13 days ago
I would like to inquire whether the latest Xbox patch helped you log into Inquisitor or you are still stuck on the login screen?
62 days ago
My Gamertag is FIRESTAR2K
63 days ago

Please tell me your Gamertag and I will look for an update on our end.

66 days ago
So, it's now 31 days since I requested help due to been unable to even get passed the menu and over 25 days since I last heard from support on my issue, can I at least get an acknowledgement that my issue is been looked into as all my replies to support show as unread?