Sector Authority pack only contains credits


So I just got my System Authority Pack for Aethon and it only contained Credits.

I though we were supposed to get Relics once we finished a Sector? Did I miss something?

Also I guess Glory Packs don't Exist atm too?

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Sector Authority pack only contains credits
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6 years 275 days ago

Not sure about the System packs, got a long way to go before I get one of them!

The Glory packs are done weekly, so you will get it in 3 days when the current week is over.

6 years 275 days ago
Heretic Chris

Thanks for the Info on the Glory Packs.

As for the System Pack it was quite weird because they said finishing a Sector is the "Endgame" within that Sector yet nothing changed and I supposed those Packs were how we should get the Relics. The irritating thing was that I got only 19XX Credits from it and that just seemed wrong compared to pretty much ANY other amount of Credits we get as a Reward. (Sitting at 400k at the moment.)