Seasonal weirdness


So an interesting thing happened when I logged back into my regular character to complete challenges. 

1.  All my Tarot cards were set at the same status of my seasonal character, meaning locked, even though all my planetary influence goals were met on my normal character.

2.  My attributes are drastically reduced, like maybe I haven't completed perks or something.  I've opened all perks and am like level 86, but I hardly have any points in my attributes now, can't add any more.  Sometimes my points reset by themselves, and I'm not sure why.  I can usually reallocate them.  However this time, they've been swallowed by the warp and are gone! 

Weird stuff!  Naturally, I suspect Omnicron of sabotage.

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Seasonal weirdness
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2 years 59 days ago
We fixed the issue earlier this week but thank you for getting back and confirming that this was the same bug we fixed.
2 years 60 days ago
Oh, sorry that I missed this.  The problem I was having is jumping back and forth between my seasonal character and my normal character.  The normal character had all of his tarot cards unlocked, but sometimes they would lock to the level of my seasonal character.  It sort of fluttered for a while, where sometimes they would be locked on my regular character, sometimes not. 

Currently I haven't had that problem in a while now.  Hopefully it's fixed.  But for a while it was about 50% chance I couldn't use my unlocked cards on my regular character because the seasonal character was locked.  Hope that makes sense.

My account name is Jotunnhammer.  Thank you!

2 years 76 days ago


I'm not completely sure how you meant your first point: your Tarot cards should remain locked until you do not unlock them with your Seasonal character. The non-seasonal unlocking does not affect the seasonal Tarot cards.

Would you tell me your account name? The attribute point problem got fixed with the latest patch. Did you experience the problem since then? 

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