[PC - v2.6.0b] Seasonal Story Missions Unable to Progress


I went from being stuck with DLC: Prophesy - Tyranid Menace being bugged back on 31 JUL, had a couple busy weeks, finally logged back in, saw that I was rolled back again, and I had two missions available under my special mission quick launch log.  One was the Alpha Legion (not showing on the main UI), and the other is DLC: Prophesy -Infestation mission that leads up to the first Ordus faction unlock.  I completed the missions, and now am permanently stuck between the Van Wynter giving me the Inquisitor congrats message, and Metrodora arguing about the Alpha Pariah. After clicking on them, I cannot interact with either character again, until I do another random mission, then I can interact when I return to the command deck, but same result.  Means no Store (unless I use the Vault), and no Inoculator changes.  Additionally, I cannot travel to next location, as there is no marker in the star chart.

IGN - Jivecat

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[PC - v2.6.0b] Seasonal Story Missions Unable to Progress
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1 year 320 days ago
Looks like whatever the team did worked!  Mission issues are fixed.  Thank you!
1 year 326 days ago
Registered the report, thanks! Our dev team handles these issues within 2-3 business days. Your patience is kindly asked until then.
1 year 328 days ago

Is there any fix for this issue?  I cannot access the store, innoculator changes, or storyline.  Stuck at 225 morality, so cannot get tier 3 passives, unlock morality gear (unless I grind the crazy low proc rate Random Assignments), and cannot unlock the other ordos.