Seasonal Mission Rant-Maybe late to the party


I have seen a bunch of these rants on other boards but did not see one here.  I realize I may be way late to this discussion, but it took me awhile to hit the wall many have spoken of.   7 seasonal missions Sunday.  11 Yesterday.  12 Today.  30 missions AFTER I STARTED COUNTING.  So quite a few more than 30.  I need one last boss (Khorne)  and the faction mission just is not hitting.   Three days of grinding and making me feel bitter about a game I have loved for over 330 hours is a pretty bad look.  

My questions are these:

Why no mechanic where each seasonal mission has to pop up after x number of times if it has not?  I don't think once every 30 is unreasonable.

Why no mechanic where the player can influence the seasonal mission?  If you kill all Khorne harbingers to fill the bar, you get a Khorne seasonal.

Why no week of -fill in the blank- where seasonal missions A-E spawn more frequently, followed by a week where missions F-J spawn more frequently?  At least I would feel like my grind had some purpose then.

Am I really that unlucky?  If I am, why would you ever make a design decision that prevents a player from finishing the season, or at least creates a miserable grind, where you can literally need one last thing, have no control over it, and you just don't get it?  

I am so frustrated right now.  God help me if I finally do get a Khorne mission and the 50/50 coin flip does not generate a boss.  You think the inquisitors feel exquisite hate for the Xenos....

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Seasonal Mission Rant-Maybe late to the party
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95 days ago
Thank you kindly.  I had heard people refer to "rerolling" but did not know what that meant.  This makes me feel much better.  If I can actually stomach further grinding (6 more since original post, nada) at least I know when I finally get it I can finish.

Many thanks for your help!

96 days ago
Hi friend:

Totally agree that S6 requires too much grinding to complete. Especially when you are playing solo.

There is only one thing that you might have control:

If you get one Khorne mission at last, and unluckily get no Boss, you can just shut down the game by force (ALT + F4) and retry.

You will lost your loots during mission , but the presence of Boss could be rerolled next time you enter.