Seasonal Journey to Regular Will be made posible?


I want to ask if the posibility of changing a Seasonal Character to a regular will be made posible.

As far as i've looked (to this date) there is no option to change a Seasonal Journey to a regular one.

Maybe this is intended, but I want to know if it is being cosidered to implement the change.

In my case I am only interested in the seasonal rewards so I dont plan to keep the character a seaonal one.

If this is considered our penitence for NOT anwering the emperors call in times of need, then I can accept it.

I still would like to know if the change is being considered, so that I can just delete the character to not waste space, and make it again as a regular one.

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Seasonal Journey to Regular Will be made posible?
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26 days ago
Thank you very much for the answer.

I guess ill just remake the characters.

28 days ago

It was considered, but all things considered we didn't deem it realistically implementable with the resources we had.
I agree it would be great to have though, we'll keep it on our list of wants.