Season pass PS4


Bought the season pass and have nothing to show for it. No theme, emote, familiar, etc...

Game was $60, season pass was $30, where's my stuff! 

PSN: GlassPark   Inq: Saul Badman

Store Page
Season pass PS4
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4 years 142 days ago

As for the rest of the DLCs they will be released step by step in the following year. Please check on our our Roadmap which we will keep updated:
We are planning to release the first two DLCs in this month! 

4 years 143 days ago
I can speak to the theme. You have to search it out in the PSN Store. It doesn't pop up with a Warhammer search. I had to go to add-ons > themes > sort Z-A.

It's not that far down and it was free for me. I actually like it a lot. It's nice and subtle rather than obnoxious like a lot of game themes tend to be. No Warhammer branding anywhere, just nice pictures of the Martyr, icons, and sounds.