Season 2 Trophies



Season 2 is no doubt being worked upon for consoles and I'm looking forward to it.

As with Season 1, I hope it too will have trophies. This time, though, I would ask of you to add a bunch more, let's say 8, or double the amount (you're perfectly free to add even more, if you want).;)

One suggestion I have regarding what you could work with would be to add a few that are more challenge oriented, kind of what you did in City of Suffering.

Another idea is to tie one or several to PR and leveling in general. Anything that you could work towards as you're grinding would be welcomed.:)


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Season 2 Trophies
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213 days ago
Thanks for the quick response; it's appreciated.:) 
214 days ago
There are a couple of trophies in preparation for Season2:) The pre-requisite to unlock the subsector is to reach a certain PR level so PR-based trophies won't come to console.