Season 1 Trophies


It's great to see new content arriving for the PS4. Any chance that there will be new trophies accompanying it? 


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Season 1 Trophies
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1 year 32 days ago
For the current Season there will be no more trophies getting released but the following Seasons will contain more! 
1 year 32 days ago
I just noticed - even tho they are 4  trophies but got a weight of 180 points :] 

:D next one make em 12~13 to increase  number of trophies 'n points at the same time <3

Thanks once more. 

1 year 32 days ago
Thank you so much 

:< it is sad to see only 4 trophies.  but knowing  some of the Sony's past dealing with giving trophies I could somehow understand.

But we need to know, is it possible to add more trophies later for this current season ? 

Trophies such as for lvling 51 - 60 - 70

 trophies for reaching RP 1551+  'n later max RP

= killing a few things here 'n there easily with some /level/PR etc .

story paths/choices etc

4  trophies  atm is better than 1 or non - but still ur work is far more worthy 'n deserving of  9~10 more trophies to be added/named for this DLC. Even if it means a 3rd line with more trophies.

I am not sure of there is a limit to how many trophies a game can get - but looking at Rocket League and motorstorm  it feels there no limit. 

Please keep trying to add more trophies <3 

1 year 33 days ago
Ok, I´m getting Booo´d down for saying as it is. Guess we PC players are going to get some new Achievements too then one day.
1 year 33 days ago

Awesome news!:D

1 year 33 days ago
Yes, there will be a couple more trophies coming with the Season1!
1 year 33 days ago
Brother Kundari
That's a shame, if so. Trophies have become a huge incentive to me over the years, but naturally I'll enjoy the content regardless.

Neocore, please consider adding cool and worthwhile trophies whenever you can. Having something to work towards do help lessen the grind.:)

1 year 34 days ago
Nope. No such things as new Trophies or Achievements for the Console versions regarding the Season 1 release.

No such things for us PC players, so doubt you Console Players get it.