Search for Magos Biologis bug


I visited the second location in the quest to find the Magos Biologis, and she was there, at least her model. No cutscene triggered so i restarted the mission and got a cutscene saying she is not on the planet (neither was her model this time ;)

clownkrieger on Discord helpfully pointed out that this could be an issue when using a controller (Xbox one in my case).

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Search for Magos Biologis bug
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6 years 119 days ago

Same issue, same mission, with XBox controller, switched to Kbd and mouse, finished the mission no problem.

6 years 120 days ago
So after starting the third mission and finding her unresponsive as well, i logged out of the game and started in m/kb mode (please consider including a switch option while playing :) and voila, i could click on her, so this indeed is a controller problem
6 years 121 days ago
Found the Biologis on the last part of the mission... no interaction or cut scene... also using an xbox controller