I'm finding that when salvaging purple items, it no longer gives ancient mechanism. It doesn't show at all, it used to show 100% chance of getting one when salvaging. I did try to salvage a purple armour to check, and it didn't produce ancient mechanism. 

Thanks Mikarb

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7 years 26 days ago

Thanks for that, guessed when I checked out some other gear. Even a 5% chance would be nice because it's still in there :)

7 years 26 days ago

Hey, you only get the ancient mechanism for dismanteling found rare item. Not for your own crafted ones.

Imo there should be some chance to get the ancient mechanism back when dismanteling your craftet rares. like 33.3% or 50% chance.

7 years 27 days ago

works with other items, they show ancient mechanism. So think it was something I had created previously, haven't salvaged something I had made before, sorry.