Salvage not working as intended


When you go into salvage and try to salvage one weapon as you have two of the same type. Salvage removes all weapons of the same type. Thus I'm left with no Grav-gun or plasma gun. As I noticed it on the first then replicated on the second.

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Salvage not working as intended
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7 years 96 days ago
Have to check to see if the ones disappearing are not obtained via the duplication bug.

Weapons that are "Duplicates" will disappear either when the original (other duplicate) is sold or salvaged from what I have experienced.

This effects equipped weapons also so If you have a duplication occur and equip one and sell/salvage another you will find the weapon is also removed from your loadout when you either start a mission or relog.

7 years 98 days ago
Thank you for your report! I added to my notes.
7 years 98 days ago
Same thing. It salvages all items of same type, not just the one you selected.