Rewards Screen Bug


Hi all

Im getting an occasional bug on the rewards screen where it does not seem to finish loading properly, it stays very dark and I can't click on the rewards in the centre or the continue button. I can see the xp going up etc I just can't interact with it at all. I have to open task manager and close the game then restart and it goes to the rewards screen and works.

Just to add, great job with the latest patch guys, looking better all the time! 


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Rewards Screen Bug
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6 years 329 days ago
You still have this problem?
6 years 328 days ago

I have not had this issue since the day I posted this when I had it a few times, will let you know if it happens again.

6 years 328 days ago
Thanks for the report, we are on it :)
6 years 327 days ago

I had this problem, too, but ALT+F4 works faster than using the taskmanager ;-)