“Reroll all enchants” could cause main enchants disappear (for seasonal item)


Hi there!

Some player finds his seasonal treasure lost the main enchant after he clicked "reroll all enchants".

Please fix this and help him out !

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226 days ago
Fixed the issue in the live version which however won't fix the issue retroactively. Sorry for the troubles.
228 days ago
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228 days ago
Brother Kundari
Well, "reroll all enchants" is the only way to reroll the proportion of primary/secondary enchants , and sometimes we do need to use this function :)

I just tried this on my items and this bug is true.

229 days ago
That seems odd. That it happens at all.

I never experienced this, but then again, I never, ever, use the REROLL ALL STATS on Seasonal Items. Quite simply because of the fact, that it IS Seasonal Items.