Remove psalm from socket - some psalms gone?


I had my first psalm doctrine in my item, which I grinded for a long time. When I got a better item, I removed the psalm codes from the item by clicking the little white arrow that says remove from socket. But one psalm (Binharic) was removed from the item but did not appear in my inventory, it's just gone poof into smoke. Where is it? I want it back, I grinded for hours for it.

edit: by sheer luck I looted not another one minutes later from a Helbrute, alongside also a Nova code. But it doesn't change the fact that one disappeared into smoke. That might mean the bug could happen again to someone.

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Remove psalm from socket - some psalms gone?
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36 days ago
This literally happened to me on xbox live on my melee crusader. Removed codes to put into new gear and lost my ordinatus code(running ethereal code). K00ki3m0nst3r84 on xbox.
50 days ago
I received 2 similar reports in the last couple of months but we could not yet reproduce it. Not even when we specifically targeted only the disappeared types.

Let me know your account name and I will provide that psalm back!