Remedy for Cobat "sluggishness"


Suggested Remedy for Cobat "sluggishness"

In order to discuss what makes the current combat within Inquisitor seem sluggish i'd like to draw some comparisons to typical ARPG games. At present combat is very much a case of "you shoot me and I shoot you" - While with more features this may slowly change, it's currently raising a few eyebrows within forums and on youtube comments as it looks bland.

Compare this with a typical diablo / PoE gameplay where "elite" mobs have unique traits which are tied to them which directly governs how you have to fight them. At least on higher difficulties. Granted we current'y don't have higher difficulties but again as mentioned above these current elite units still follow the same format of "you shoot me / I shoot you"

What we NEED is a system that makes elite units challenging in some respect and force the player to adapt what they are doing. In most situations this will involve timing attacks and moving in / out of abilities. Of course W40k Doesn't have a typical skill / ability system like ARPGS because this wouldn't fit the current universe (see my vid discussing this) #Selfpromotion

The awnser therefore lies in making sure the enemy weapon systems contain mechanics which force the player to adapt what they are doing.

1 - Dreadnaughts - Given their weapons a combination of 1-2 of the following weapons

Predator style lazor locking animation before unleashing ranged fire (to signify take cover)

Wind up Melee attack that can be dodged but is more threatening

Intermittent charges on a set cooldown.

2 - Flamers - Need to drop a clear AOE template on the floor which should DOT the player when standing in. Perhaps limit this to larger "captains" if required as flamer are common

3 - Grenades - Either a short windup and audio animation to signify you might want to dodge, or a circle on the floor at the designated target, or a ticking timer while the grenade waits to explode after impact. Any of these options (1st = best :D) will give a player somethign to look for

4 - Spells - "nurgles rot" - (taken directly form spellbook) - AOE DOT to those who stand in it. - Generally speaking I feel spells should be dodged or have some impact on the player that forces an interaction.

TLDR - Put some markers on the floor that players need to dodge and we will be happier

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Remedy for Cobat "sluggishness"
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7 years 61 days ago
Thanks for your feedback! Ground effects are somethig that we plan of course, so stay tuned!