Relic Weapon effect not working


The Relic Weapon effect(the orange one) that gives you hits 15% chance to knockback and slow don't work for any weapon i found to have that enchantment.

I really hope that devs can fix this asap because this would be one of my build defining enchantments for my Heavy Bolter

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Relic Weapon effect not working
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4 years 100 days ago
Snakefist think that some specials are broken (not all, most even) - as an example +1Toxin on Assassin Powersword which does the same (or just exactly same looking) debuff. Have a bunch of Shadows doing real (normal) debuff, Phaseshit here-there and it mainly doesn't remove debuff. Take another sword, and it will, as normally
4 years 100 days ago
Homer Morisson

Yes of course i take that into account.

I already thought that it might have a internal cd and "proc" while the mob is in green and then when he gets to yellow/red it cant proc anymore for some seconds but even on mobs that live like 10-20 sec it wont proc a single time

And 15% chance is pretty much so this not that rng (especially with the super high RPM from the heavy bolter)

I also tested some other relic effects on the Heavy Bolter none of them seem to work.

4 years 100 days ago
Did you factor in that this isn't a global 15% chance, but as always, any such debuffs like Slow and even Knockback can only work on enemies that either have no Suppression Bar or whose bar has been reduced to at least the yellow area?

As long as the sup bar is still green, that makes enemies completely immune to slow, stun, knockback, etc.