Relic modification Enchant Row


"Fixed a bug with Modify where the enchant rows were shifted"

As you can see here:

you still dont have the option to change the enchant on your weapon ( if the solution is to small, i apologize)

Could you please clarifiy here:

1: It is supposed to be a non changeable enchant on every item

2: It is still bugged, but now you cant change the enchant at all.

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Relic modification Enchant Row
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5 years 356 days ago
We could modify the enchants before. How else to get the enchant we needed for a particular build. So now we have to wait till an item drops with the right enchant now? Why make it even more grindy and stop us making new buiids.
5 years 357 days ago
Relic enchants can not be modified.

The bug was that when you selected the base stats of your weapon, it "silently" modified the stat below instead.