Relic drop rate at 100 near non-existant


I played with my friend earlier today and he got 1-2 relics a mission or so while I got..none.  We only played around 5 missions before he had to go but I have to go 3-5 missions to get one relic to drop if i'm lucky.  He was level 73 and we were running intel missions at 100 using all my relic find cards.  Heretek Forge is level 4, Superstition is level 4, Resiience is level 3.  

I do find a lot of stuff for sockets which makes me want to think that the tarrot cards are bugging out and giving me increased drop rates for those instead of relic find but I'm just frustrated at the low drop rate of relics making void crusade the ONLY way to get relics at any rate that's useful and it's quite a lot of them.

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Relic drop rate at 100 near non-existant
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3 years 143 days ago
I know my english isn't too great but it's the only language i know =P

Also my friend stopped getting crazy drops but I was playing with somone around level 70 and he was getting good drops, I think the game is checking the region for quality of loot instead of the level of mission.  For the Void Crusade I think the drop rate of relics might be intentionally low since you get a bunch at the end.

3 years 143 days ago
If you play on an different language than english : Atleast the german translations for the Tarot cards are just plain wrong.