Regarding System influence - Change for the worse ?


Question: Did the recent update remove the ability to grind the white missions for system influence ?

If this was done to observe metrics with regards to this being an alpha/beta i would totally understand that.

If this was done intentionally to force players to only run the special missions once your Power Rating effectively "greys" out the system in question then that is a HORRIBLE design decision.

In my limited 38 years of Boardgames/Pen&Paper/Video game experience the absolute worst thing you can do is limit player OPTIONS.

Now if this was something that was broken or somehow allowed the player to aquire piles of relic gear for literally no effort then i would understand removing it. But if you only allow the missions to award the influence at the very least that is better than just leaving the missions in with absolutely no reason or incentive to run them.

I am making this post because i am sure there is a large number of players who are by no means experts at games like this. But we enjoy plodding along at our own pace and in the Emperor's name doing our part to progress in the fashion we best know how to. Playing the game in a fashion of grinding out white missions with very little reward is NOT fun and it is VERY time consuming. But at least this WAS an OPTION. Please put this back into the game so those of us who play in the little ponds can still get our scraps and slowly trudge up the mountain towards the glory of the Emperor.

In the year plus i have been in this community and forums and part of this game this is the very FIRST time i have had any reason to criticize a choice by the developers. Please do not remove options from the game if they are helpful. Even something that is a small help is better than something that is a "fence post".  By fence post i mean something that is visually represented but has no other value beyond aesthetics.

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Regarding System influence - Change for the worse ?
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6 years 93 days ago
You get glory for a mission that translates into influence for a system. White missions should net 5 glory = 5 influence. The gain of glory was bugged somehow. You got only 5-10 glory no matter what you played so maybe the experience you had came from bugfix attempts.

On the other hand there is no ARPG where you get anything of worth if you do lowlevel stuff. In my oppinion there should be no loot, XP, Rxp, glory, influence or whatever for missions -250 PR. This may be bad for people who don't want to twink but everything has it's flaws ^^.

6 years 93 days ago
No, we tested it yesterday. You neither get glory nor influence for very low PR missions anymore. Something got changed there.
6 years 92 days ago
Posted by clownkrieger 6 years 93 days ago
No, we tested it yesterday. You neither get glory nor influence for very low PR missions anymore. Something got changed there.
Thx for the info now it sounds like a bug when I think about how it was earlier in the EA.
6 years 92 days ago
Please forgive me Neocore, and yes i absolutely understand you guys/gals are busy but confirmation/denial of whether this was actually implemented would be greatly appreciated when or if you get a moment to say so =) Thank you all for your hard work and i still as with all the others do truly enjoy this game and fully intend to support it, in the now and future. 
6 years 92 days ago

if you want to farm system-influence on a highlevel char and have no special missions left: find a lowlevel that hosts missions for you in the system. you get glory and reputation then. tested and confirmed ;)

6 years 92 days ago
oh and something else: if you think about the bigger picture, they have to somehow slow down the influence-gain in systems. limited and timed special missions were a first step in that direction. they plan to develope this game and future expansions in seasons, and somehow they have to keep people busy over that timespan. if you can farm max systeminfluence in every system in a day, you wont have something to return to. special missions to max out system-influence might be something that keeps you playing in the longer term...
6 years 92 days ago
Influence is capped out pretty fast. If you play more then one toon I would say 40-60h. I never thought of Influence in a timesink way it's just boring grind for minor goodies besides the tarot cards.
6 years 91 days ago
Well in that regard yes they had mentioned that and yes, i agree in that light it makes sense. Like i always say if someone paints a picture with a reasonable angle i can always tilt my head to at least look at it and sometimes even appreciate it. *nods*
6 years 91 days ago

I agree with the op. I kind of get the need of a diminishing return curve in terms of grinding but it's not rare people play on very slow pace with no intention of challenge. I was once a very dedicated gamer so i know both sides. The power through gamer and the super casual one.

So with that in mind I can see how there has to be a break for power grinders of some sort or developers cannot keep up and / or people finsih to quick.

This however honestly shouldn't affect the casual player base so much that they feel they get penalyzed by doing grey missions.

I see that motivation is generally a problem ( at least to me ) with how the game seems to develop. I get the desire to have something seasonal competetive going on. But I believe it is not enough.

So basically right now the game is a big grind towards lvl X. At lvl X you can get Y power level. You can decide your playstyle by choice of weapon and skills and that's ultimately it.

Since the weapons are tied to the skills defining your playstyle they are somewhat limited as this is one of the keys for dev to balance the game. It's not like once the game is released you will discover any new weapons/ skills/ playstyles. If ever. Maybe some new Icons and some effects re-colored. Mind I am not ranting or anything - It's just a reasonable expectation according to how I perceive how games are made/ run these days.

So that leaves you with.. not so much actually. At least in Alpha. It might be ok for some to race missions for most influence points in ladder but I was hoping for somethinig different when I initially read the plans for the game. Maybe aperreance will bring something I am looking for but right now I feel it's dull. Thus taking away the ability to ultra slow grind things over years is a bad thing from my perspective.

I don't regret buying the game though ^^ because I could sink enough hrs already and I enjoy the art and way it's presented.

Carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows.

6 years 91 days ago

imo casuals are least affected by this change. they can just log in, run the special missions the have available in the systems for some time (and gain glory and influence on a much higher level than with grey misions from them), and log out again. IF they even have reached maxlvl/PR yet and dont have anything better to do than special missions. when they will be back, they will have new special missions in the systems again.

 its the hardcore-grinder that will run out of missions that net something fairly soon. but running special missions will hopefully only be ONE of the different endgame-activities they promised to implement. well, we will see... :)

edit: im fairly busy with doing cabal-missions, example given.

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6 years 90 days ago

Perhaps, being like 3 months from official release date, devs think that being a Protector of 125PL system will be redundant soon? 

In subsector, I guess there will be tens or hundreds of low level systems, giving small reward to their protectors. At the same time, there won't be one high level system, so there's that. High level players would likely have several systems in protection. Perhaps a nice opportunity for indirect PvP or Cabal PvP?