Rant about what makes an arpg fun (video)

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Rant about what makes an arpg fun (video)
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6 years 329 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Yes, agreed. Well done.

6 years 329 days ago

Yeah absolutely - I expect a lot of this to be-being worked on. But given what we have seen thus far it does seem like there is a "chance" that they might not have fully realised the impact of their mission based system as well as tile based structures. So no harm in reminding them what ingredients they are missing or would make the cake taste even better.

6 years 329 days ago

I think you are spot on here. You can't have enough immersion on the PvE side of the game.

But, as you said, we have only seen the "tip of the iceberg" so far. I can't help but think that many of your suggestions are already in the pipeline. Let's hope that's the case.

6 years 330 days ago

That's why i said a few times during the video that it's not a review of the game - just a feedback on current state. Tried to make sure I even emphasized that more content was being added. 

But no matter how much campaign is added I don't think it'll fix issues that are present with the "bread and butter" of the missions. which as they stand now, if not tweaked will not hold players interests for as long as I think they intend it to. 

6 years 331 days ago

Are you taking in account that for the moment we have only missions ? We do not have the campaign yet, so i think in the campaign we will have what is missing.