Random players joined mid game make the mission crashe


With my friend we're in mission (hereticus ordos) with lot of malus 20% movement speed for melee units, 1 more in pack for melee units, one life, 390 % melee damage bonus with tyranids, - 70% damage reduction.

One guy join and leave (lvl 40-50). 1 minute later two others join the party (lvl 35). We finish the last mob but he don't die (302 hp). Ejected by the lobby because connection failer to the server.

It's not the first time but it's really really annoying. Go fixed that and not in one year serioulsy.

Developper message from steam community """"""""""proba 1 2 3 Officier 22 nov. 2019 à 15h25

You mean while you were playing in coop with your friend, suddenly another player appeared in the middle of the mission and vanished before you got back to the Command Bridge?

I assume this happens of someone's connection gets interrupted or its game crashes and after he logs back and reconnects he will find himself in another party.

We will check this out, this is not the intended operation.""""""""""""

After one year the problem is still here. that's a joke??? bad joke...

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Random players joined mid game make the mission crashe
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