Random assignment Priority assignment not giving lootbox when the assignment is finished PS4


When I hit the button to finish the random assignment priority assignment I see a dark gray box appear momentarily and the box quickly disappears and I am given no reward for the assignment. I have the option under preferences set to show loot boxes. I received the loot box from the first assignment I did only. It was some of the better loot that I received while playing the game so I did more of the priority assignments but received no lootboxes and usually saw no dark gray box appear for any amount of time but sometimes I would see it appear for a second or less when finishing the assignment. I thought maybe I wasn't meeting some unspecified parameters of the mission but I'm pretty confident it is a bug which causes the loot box to not show up. I made a video clip of it and will try to upload it to youtube so you can take a look if you think it will help aid you in fixing this problem. I like your game and I hope you are able to figure out what is causing this to happen.



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3 days ago
Priority Assignments will receive an overhaul in the coming period as we haven't touched upon them for a long time now. They will grant better rewards and we will might rework some of its basic mechanisms. 

Meanwhile, we will fix this bug you reported.

3 days ago
This is still a problem. I guess I'll continue to ignore these missions...
59 days ago
This issue is in the works already but thanks for the detailed report!:)
59 days ago
Same for me on PS4. Reward window quickly disappears and mission is not counted for Uprooting Evil trophy even if successful. 

Any chance this could be fixed in a future patch?

Many thanks!