Ragnar Van Wynter Stuck bug


I finished the game long time ago and decided to spam investigations to Cap my purity status, though now Im getting stuck at this dialogue and I can't use Ragnar store anymore and this is game breaking because I cant sell my loot to do enchantment and other stuff. Please help

Store Page
Ragnar Van Wynter Stuck bug
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356 days ago

I have the same problem, Xbox One gamertag: Cruzado 

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363 days ago
We are still working on this as it is a time-consuming process. Your patience is kindly asked until we fix it. Most likely will get handled within 2-3 days at most.
1 year 1 hour ago
Any updates?
1 year 2 days ago

Account: Takamori

Character: Takamori

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1 year 2 days ago
Would you please give us your account name as well as that character of yours which stuck. We will check your account!