Ragna Van Wynter bug PS4


Ragna has a green exclamation mark over her head and i can't progress with the story or view the shop.

Please help.

PSN ID: Z-Chaos

Character: Krom

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Ragna Van Wynter bug PS4
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81 days ago
I have the same problem. After completing the quest where you confront inquisitor draken, the mission duplicated and now at ulthers tomb Ragna is jammed.  She has a green marker above her head and she has two quests to talk about so I cant do anymore quests or use the store. Is there any way to fix this? I'd really hate to have to lose my lvl 35 inquisitor.
81 days ago
Now the story is working .Thanks 
81 days ago

Hi,please check on your progress it should be good by now!

81 days ago
Have a same problem, she don’t wanna talk to me.

I think this is some story mode problem. She talk what we comes to moon and don’t give a next quest.

After what I cannot speak with Ragna Van Wynter