Ragna van Wynter BUG XBOX One


I can't progress any further. My account on xbox one BattierRug98212. Character: Sicario

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Ragna van Wynter BUG XBOX One
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3 years 283 days ago
Would it god damned kill you people to post this garbage in the same thread already ? This entire forum is nothing but Ragna whining. ENOUGH. I am sick of coming here and seeing the forum inundated by this repetitive garbage, ENOUGH! 
3 years 283 days ago
@MARCOPOLOCS‍ sorry for late reply, was very busy, game is fixed now, thank you so much for swift reply from your end :) 
3 years 286 days ago

Please check on your progress within a couple of hours and confirm if it works! 

3 years 287 days ago

Same problem, can't talk to Ragna van wynter and she's stuck with exclamation mark above head, 

Platform: Xbox one 

Gametag: Wormwood30

Character name: Uber von mensch 

3 years 324 days ago

It works. Thx a lot

3 years 325 days ago


please check on your progress we fixed a bunch of accounts! If it still does not work reply back to me in this thread!

3 years 327 days ago

Guys pls help me