Question regarding system influence


1. Does the system influence have a cap ? Hard, soft or otherwise ?

2. Does the "Protector" title function as a constant "King of the hill" type contest ?

3. Will one system's influence ever affect another system in ANY regards such as story,  or cutting off the ability to easily travel between systems because of Warp storms, Black crusade fleets, etc ?

4. Would it possible to implement a running scoreboard of sorts for each system so that when the current protector is "Dethroned" they are moved into the second place such as the current weekly overall Glory contest functions ?

 I believe most players enjoy the bragging rights that healthy competition brings out in a game that is fun.

P.S. (This game is pretty damn fun so far)

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Question regarding system influence
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6 years 196 days ago
6 years 216 days ago

I could see adding this to a cabal type pvp feature different cabals fighting each week for a king  of the sector type award 

6 years 219 days ago

Bumping is for heretics!

6 years 219 days ago

Forgive bumping this, but i actually was hoping for an answer regarding specifics of the system influence when or if anyone has a chance. =)