Question about Priority Assignments and Morality (Xbox One)


Ok, so after playing through ten Priority Assignments over the last week or so, I finally got one to show up with a Morality choice (but of course it was a Radical choice when I'm trying to max out the Puritan path). But can someone clear up for me how these assignments work specifically.

Firstly how often are morality options meant to appear? Getting one in ten trys seems harsh, and the fact is was the "wrong" one didn't help. Can you only get morality points from the choices that specifically list them? Also are those choices only ever at the START of a priority assignment? In all the ones I've played you usually get a choice right away before doing a mission and then that's it, I then have to get through 3-5 missions to start again with no other choices in between. Are there ever anymore choices to make? Does the first choice you make give any slight chance of getting a further morality option? If not then it seems to me that if I don't get a morality option when the assignment starts I may as well just abandon the assignment right after the first choice then wait to try again. As they offer no other real benefit. 

Finally why are we limited to doing ONE assignment a day? The rewards for them are no more than for doing any of the other random missions (sometimes actually worse if there is a lot of collateral damage) so couldn't this be changed to unlimited amounts? In terms of getting good drops or levelling they aren't the best option in anyway, and they are the only option for Morality right now, so limiting them seems a weird choice.

Separately, I did the whole Chaos Undivided campaign on my main profile and there were TWO morality choices, I chose Puritan for both but didn't seem to get any points towards my character. Is that a bug or does that series of missions not count? 

Playing on Xbox One, just to be clear.

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Question about Priority Assignments and Morality (Xbox One)
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