Question about price


Am I mistaken, or was the game 40$ yesterday and moved up to 45 today? Why?

I could be wrong ofc and could have read badly by mistake, but if that's true I think it's a very bad idea.

It looks a great game though, I'm buying it anyway. Just asking..

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Question about price
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6 years 319 days ago
During the Founding it was cheaper and this will be the final price for the game. 

Of course, there will be sales where you can get the game cheaper (after the Early Access). 

6 years 319 days ago

Ah ok, so I was not wrong, thanks for answer. If only I would have know I would have buy it before.

If the price were the same, I would probably buy today.

I guess I will wait till the game will be at 40 or less then, cause I dont thing that were fair.

Thanks anyway!