QOL Improvements



Couple of things.   

1.   Under the rewards info for running a mission can you add the amount of influence completing this mission will give you towards advancing the system.

2.   When you are in a system there is no progress bar to track your progress towards the next influence level could you add one?

3.   When in a group could you add on the right click context menu an option to add the player to your ingame friends list (if it exists :P)

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QOL Improvements
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7 years 147 days ago
I have added this to our feedback section, thanks!
7 years 148 days ago

yes for #2

Have it displayed somewhere on the map when you zoom into that system

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7 years 148 days ago

1. I agree.

2. Do you mean this? http://imgur.com/a/XzXim

3. I agree.