QoL features / wishes



After an break i started to play Inquisitor a bit again, but there are some QoL features i would like to have, together with some small wishes..

1.) Crafting/Socketing from the stash. ATM i have to take Shards and Codes i need from the stash, and put the rest back after. Why ? And thats ALOT of mouseclicks also.

2.) A extra stash for Shards, Psalms, Intel, Void Shards or handle them like crafting mats. You could steal a bit from PoE here. Even make a special stash an microtransaction, i dont care, but theese items take now almost 2 out of 3 stash pages in my vault.

3.) On the mission deployment screen, if i click on the System influence tab, it sorts them by system name, not by influence (Thats either an bug, or the tabname is just wrong). I like it sorted by influence, so i can easy select missions from the system with the lowest influence.

4.) On the Reroll Enchants page, there should be an list with possible Enchants if you mouseover the current Enchants (Steal a bit from D3 here).

5.) Blessed Alloy/Electro Fragments/Chemycal Reagents. Please do something so we actual use them. Make us change 100 of each into an Ancient Mechanism and 100 Ancient Mechanism into an Spark and 10 Sparks into an Spark of Glory. Currently they are all useless but the later 3.

6.) Lootfilter. A simple one is enough. Show/Hide green/blue/purple items. After 2 runs my inventory is full with crap i dont want. I mean, everyone just scraps that gear and see point 5, the Alloy/Fragments and  Reagents are pointless.

Thats the stuff which come to my mind after only a few hours of playing after an pretty long break. I am pretty sure there are more little features which would make the game more entertaining. 

I know QoL stuff is pretty low priority for the devs, but i think its pretty high priority on the playerside.

Thanks for reading.

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QoL features / wishes
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