PvP - Cheats/Lag Switch/Bad Connection


So tried 1 match of PvP and it wasnt good.

Not sure if its bad luck i landed possible hacker/lag switcher to fight or if its server issues. 

Match loads up - no lag at all. None whatsoever. I leave starting area and get into a fight with my enemy. The guy goes down to 40% health, my personal shield still up and 100% health.

 Then bang - i start rubber banding, and do no damage to him whatsoever. I decided to leap away but nothing. There were no big spells used, no minefields nothing. Next thing in the blink of an eye im dead, literally like 2 seconds and dead with respawn timer. 

Respawn - no lag. get into fight, no lag. Begin to win fight, LAG and die. This happened 3 times in a row and then the guy says "laggy..." 

It got that bad when he used his fire column (dont know name) my character just totally frozen in place. Literally watching the column come towards me. The guy was round the corner aswell so had no LoS to me so no stun. 

I leaped away and no sooner had i landed, i rubber banded back to where i was. I dashed away and guess what.....rubber banded back. I genuinely sat and watched the column get closer and closer until my character is in the middle of the column, dying slowly and being literally unresponsive. Leaps/dashes/dodges all did nothing at all. 

I even went and got a minefield and thought ill attack with a dash and just drop the minefield on his face - hes a clothy, he will die. I opened up with a dash attack then stood totally unresponsive spamming everything and nothing worked, minefield/dash/leap/dodge - just constant banding back to the same spot and then respawn timer. 

The reason i lean towards intentional cheating is that i never had any debuff up on me. 

I hate admitting it but it got so ridiculous i rage quit. 

Could have been innocent but it certainly didn't feel that way after 8 deaths. Im no pvp pro but 30+ years of gaming, i know when things arent right.

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PvP - Cheats/Lag Switch/Bad Connection
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