Purge misson uncompleteable due to Eite Engine bug (PS4)


Fairly frequently during purge missions on PS4 an elite engine will get stuck at 1hp no matter what I do. It happens in both single and multiplayer, and can bug the mission for multiplayer even if my partner is the host and has killed it on their system. I have even tried depleting their suppression to no effect.

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Purge misson uncompleteable due to Eite Engine bug (PS4)
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5 years 330 days ago
Is there any way to send the info in a non-public manner? I'm happy to provide character names but prefer not to post my PSN account info to a public forum.

Psyker: Sikosis

Crusader: Felbreaker

Partner's Assassin: Metsu (the only character I've played with.)

Possibly pertinent info is that my PS4 Pro is the only one that does it. My partner's game only breaks in this way when in multiplayer with me. He's not currently using a Pro.

5 years 330 days ago
Can you give us your PSN / Charactername?
5 years 330 days ago
Thanks, we'll look into this and fix it ASAP!