Psyker Symbiosis


Not sure if this has already been reported but could not find it with a search. The Symbiosis mastery for Psyker states 'extends the effect of the skill to nearby allies as well'. After adding the mastery to a skill the effect now only affects allies and not the caster.

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Psyker Symbiosis
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6 years 63 days ago

Snakefist's feedback would be that there's lots of possible improvement on Psyker's mechanics, some of them likely implemented and we'll be see them in in beta (such as, probably, the fourth skill-set).

Snakefist still stands behind his claim that Psyker skill are not equal with other classes, and skill change button shouldn't restarting 40-60 sec countdowns (or having Perk for that), but for much smaller amount - His current proposition is this to be activated only at first change and to minute-or-so cooldowns lasting (mainly offensive skills, which shouldn't be spammed indefinitely - but hey! We have warp-heat mechanism for spamming already - this is mainly for protective/utility spells).

And the most important... Lvl20 'be all, end all', skillwise. Whattabout season 1, 4-6 weeks, free, additional levels, systems, enemies? Whattabout season 2, 4-6 weeks, free, additional additional levels, systems, factions? Should we progress another 40 lvls without any improvement (greater range or additional party function to existing skills that we have either/or dilemma - dmg/utility or coop)?

Perhaps something of that was implemented/solved differently already. It's being quite a time since we saw initial, then semi-fixed Psyker. Beta will be a good testing ground...

6 years 64 days ago
It's known that it works this way but keep the feedback rollin ^^.