Psyker Buffs resetting/going away after dialogue


Additionally, pls dont force ranged fighters into melee range just because they have to talk to an enemy npc... this almost always causes wipes for glass-canonny builds. Thx for your efforts!

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Psyker Buffs resetting/going away after dialogue
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3 years 131 days ago
Some of those situations are really borderline retarded.

I just had a situation in a campaign mission where, after the cut-scence that removes all buffs, the char was standing directly in the middle of a whole bunch of chaos marines and a ton of trash mobs and even reacting fast and getting in some distance it was barely manageable to not die, and that was not on a really high difficulty either.

I have a strong feeling that the devs don't know their own game as much as they should, or such a failure would not have gone unnoticed.