Psychic Mastery power (Enhanced Effect) not working


So I am rocking with the Warp Speed Power and am using the Psychic Boon Perk

so out of the various choices available I decided to try the (Enhanced Effect) mastery for the Warp Speed power....

No change that I notice and the tool tip does not updated for any impact.

decided to try it out on several other powers with either no or little effect...

Is the increase hidden or not working correctly...

At minimum the tool tip needs to update correctly.


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Psychic Mastery power (Enhanced Effect) not working
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3 years 129 days ago
Good Job on the testing,

I guess I was testing a CD that was too small to notice..

Playing a Pyro Staff Psyker with the right click AOE skill and didn't notice any change from 25 to 35% skill...

Probably too small to notice the next 10%.


3 years 131 days ago
I have thoroughly tested this, and I can tell you that the "enhanced effect" rune DOES work, so far, it worked on every single spell that accepts the rune.

It is the case though, that almost all spells do not reflect the effect of the rune in the tooltip.

As an example for "warp speed", when buffed without the "enhanced effect" rune, it gives 25% reduced cooldown on weapon attacks, and damage ofc.
When buffed with the rune, it is 35% less cooldown of attacks, and more damage than without the run.
(example base attack cd 6s, with warp speed and no rune 4.5s, with warp speed and rune 3.9s ==> 25% and 35% reduction without and with the rune)

This is very simple to test, therefore I accuse you all of not doing your part properly! ;) thing that would be actually interesting to know, is how they calculate the buffs and effects into the final values,
I can tell you that for instance, fire form and warp speed do add up, in that you'll do more raw damage (I mean damage per hit) than with either one alone, both for all damage and fire damage (fire form has a different bonus to either), but the bonus of both combined is nowhere close to what it should be, no matter how you calculate it (additive or multiplicative).

This is also the case with fire forms incoming damage reduction and endurance, whereas using both is only marginally better than either one alone.

3 years 131 days ago
I'd say they should remove the ability to put that rune into powers that do have fixed effects like "20% speed" or "50% less damage". IMO it's not a bug, it's a feature... but badly described.
3 years 131 days ago
Minor update: Powers that cause direct damage (Molten Beam) are effected with DMG and DPS numbers increasing with the Mastery. 

Then it is the buffs that are not properly working