[PS/Xbox] Sororitas Class DLC | July 6



The Emperor is calling for his most devout followers! Lay waste on the heretics with all-new iconic weaponry, and strike down the most powerful foes with your Acts of Faith. Your patience has borne fruit! The Sororitas Class DLC is coming to Xbox and PlayStation on July 6!

The Emperor protects!

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[PS/Xbox] Sororitas Class DLC | July 6
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60 days ago

What exactly do you mean the store not registering it? does it still show up as purchasable?

What do you mean the game not registering it? Does the Battle Sister still show locked?
Cheers for any clarification

61 days ago

Xbox S version is bugged. Got it as a gift, redeemed it. Shows up in my queue as downloaded and installed. Store and game don't register it. 

73 days ago

 The process of writing your thoughts down helps to solidify them.

76 days ago



"All that said, Sororitas Class is available right now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X."

This quote from you says the DLC class is available for Xbox One version please get us a fix since we can only download the Xbox Series S/X version. Thank you very much I am glad this is your intention.



76 days ago
Aeon Commando
Can't see the option to buy it for Xbox One, only the X/S version seems to have it..
76 days ago
Is the Sororitas class DLC compatible with the Xbox One version of Inquisitor?

For the Xbox One version: The in-game purchase link to the Xbox store for the Sororitas class says "something went wrong"; "reload this page"; "CV:O5sk0ZBf2J8HwbXrmkdHu9.38".

76 days ago

£12.99!!! even though I have the X/S Ultimate Edition!! Is this a joke? even after updating the game won't loading, says it needs updating....

77 days ago

updated  installed then not found xbox? what is going on ? 

77 days ago
Yup, there will be a patch. You can follow our socials for the fastest update about the launch
77 days ago
well its the 6th but no new class yet what time as i expected midnight stupid me it now 8.30am nothing on my system 
77 days ago
Seems there's not much information about the release on consoles! For the moment i can't find the DLC on the Xbox store, when will it be released exactly? Will there be a bigger Patch beside the DLC?

Best regards.

86 days ago
86 days ago
So is the broken PS5 trophy going to be fixed when this DLC drops? 
86 days ago
Will we have to purchase the DLC if we own the next gen Ultimate Edition?
87 days ago
Thank goodness. 

87 days ago
Nice! Finally! Together with the new season or before? And you guys now when the new season in console starts?