Psalm Doctrines not fixed plus chest bug


I'm trying to use the combination Nova Psalm + Volkite Psalm + Transonic Psalm which should make enemies explode on kill if they are shocked but I'm not seeing any explosions even though I am shocking and killing a lot of enemies with a grav gun on my crusader.

It doesn't specify where the doctrine has to be placed to be effective - since this is only a 3 psalm doctrine I have placed it in my innoculator.

There was also a chest in a void crusade map that I could not open:

luckily for me it was only a blue chest so it was only crafting materials I missed out on.

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Psalm Doctrines not fixed plus chest bug
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5 years 19 days ago
Thanks, we'll check and fix these!
5 years 19 days ago
I should add this is post the July 4th patch.