[PSA]: Hotfix is out regarding Fate and XP points changes


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login.


  • Increased minimum Fate rewards from Starmap missions from 8 to 10

  • Additionally, Random Starmap Mission XP calculation was revised:

       Previously, players received 500 + (difficulty modifier) + kill bonus XP
       The new formula takes Power Rating into consideration (XP=500+Power Rating/2 + Difficulty Bonus + kill bonus) -
       this should mean roughly a 50% XP increase in leveling for the late game.

The Emperor Protects.

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[PSA]: Hotfix is out regarding Fate and XP points changes
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5 years 149 days ago
Thats not really late game play though that is the problem. Its post campaign play and with no means to level efficiently I am not sure how hooked you will keep people. 

I know you wont like it but look at the D3 model of Loot and game progression.  Its something they do well and it keeps millions and millions of players coming back each season. 

Just do your own twist on it. 

Step one. 

Get people to maximum level as soon as possible after the campaign if not during the campaign. 

Step Two

Make the gear less generic and make the game about the chase on the gear and drops. Add specialized effects that only effect the players specific subclass. Its a way to make your sub-classes stand out and more viable. Increase the effectiveness of existing classes so as to cater to more and new player styles.  Maybe eventually do set pieces and bonuses that change the game play dynamic completely. 

Step Three.

Make the game about chasing power and getting ever stronger. You already have this mechanic in place with the Gear Quality system. Expand upon that.

Thats just my 2 cents worth. 

5 years 149 days ago
What is a kill bonus
5 years 150 days ago

Mighty Snakefist, in His Wisdom, asks the following:

"The new formula takes Power Rating into consideration (XP=500+Power Rating/2 + Difficulty Bonus + kill bonus) 

this should mean roughly a 50% XP increase in leveling for the late game."

means, on the next example: 

XP (or Rank) = 500 + PR1000/2 + 45(%) + kill bonus;

= 1000 + 45 + kill bonus;

= 1045 + kill bonus?

In Our Glorious Crusade, We require more than basic or never fully explained mechanics! So:

- is Difficulty Bonus (given in percentage?) transferred to integer number? [45% becomes 45, or something more mathematically logical]

- how *exactly* is the "kill bonus" calculated? [% of all mobs killed converted in numbers? % total mobs HP(killed)/HP(total) as integer numbers? % of any of previous, in relation with other factor, such as Power Rating?]

Also, are you the person We (and we) can ask about all the numerous mechanics unknown, but potentially very useful? There are numerous mechanics left unrevealed, some could be reverse engineered from testing results, but it's not realistic to expect thousands (and hopefully millions) player to conduct those, or each one even discovered.

There are often playstyles and builds which are made based on a certain mechanic, and knowing them makes the build in question possible or viable. Vice versa, *not* knowing mechanics make number of possibly viable builds never used.

Mighty Snakefist,

Wise and Powerful

5 years 151 days ago

I just found in the forum MantisBT for submit bugs , sorry for the inconvenience.

5 years 151 days ago

The real problem is  it"s impossible to abort it or start another one.

(Sorry, I did not find how to edit my previous post)

5 years 151 days ago


"Seeds of corruption" is bugged since patch 1.04. Same with this new hotfix, after the event.

After 2 missions, it"s stuck. When i click on Continue Assignment, nothing happen.  I cheked files integrity in property, all it's ok.

Account : Viddock