PS5 Trophy Bugs


On PS5 the trophy “All Kinds of Trouble” is unattainable. I’ve meticulously gone through every mission type on the star map with a checklist and this trophy won’t pop. I checked the trophy stats on PS5 and 0.0% of players on the platform have received it, proving that this has been bugged since launch. This also prevents the platinum trophy from popping, which also has a 0.0% completion from the player base on the platform. How disappointing, pretty much a final straw for me with this game.

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PS5 Trophy Bugs
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123 days ago
Thanks for the update
125 days ago
Hey! The next console update (Sororitas DLC) will contain a fix for this trophy. It's in the last stages of release. Hang tight!
126 days ago

Here’s my mission checklist:

  • Assassination
  • Bunker busting
  • Demonic incursion
  • Datahunt
  • Hunt 
  • Nurgle infestation 
  • Panic room
  • Purge 
  • Rescue
  • Siege 
  • Silence the guns