(PS5) Progression blocked


I've been playing the PS4 version on and off since release and now I've upgraded to the PS5 version but I'm having a couple of issues.

First off, I made a new character (Crusader) that I was happily playing until my campaign missions just stopped. I'm in chapter 4, during 'Van Wynter Legacy' but while it asks me to go to the coordinates Grexus provided, there's no mission at all. I even found out what system the mission should be in but there's nothing. I simply cannot progress through the main campaign anymore, although I can still do Prophecy etc.

My second issue is with my old Adept brought over from the PS4 version, namely that he's stuck in the Star Map. I've tried everything I can think of to get back to the Command Bridge but nothing. I can't even select locations in the Star Map either, I'm just stuck on whatever location I choose using the active missions (R2) menu. The character is basically unplayable.

I don't know if these are known issues or if there's any workarounds but if there is a way to fix this I'd love to know.

Thanks all.

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(PS5) Progression blocked
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1 year 117 days ago
I will try to have the issue fixed by the dev team. 

Thanks for getting back!:)

1 year 117 days ago
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1 year 117 days ago
Yay, I can continue with my Crusader. Thanks so much for fixing it.

As for my Tech-Adept, he is still stuck in the Star Map. It sucks but it's not the biggest issue in the world - I'm planning on starting a new TA when the new season starts anyway.
1 year 118 days ago
The issue your Crusader ran into was fixed on our end. He can now continue the story campaign.

Weyrloc's (your TA) issue was not found though. Is the character still stuck on the Starmap?