PS5 keep getting disconnected from CO-OP


My gf, two friends and I just purchased the complete collection from the PS store so we could all play together. After playing through the tutorial we started a couple of CO-OP games. Three of us, with the PS5, get disconnected from the Neocore servers constantly. It's getting ridiculous and there doesn't even seem to be an option to rejoin the party after getting disconnected. Is there a fix for this? We're only getting disconnected from the Neocore servers and not PlayStation online. Any help is much appreciated, as we actually enjoy the game, but not this disconnection issue. 

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PS5 keep getting disconnected from CO-OP
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364 days ago
Thank you for the update, even if it's unofficial! We all love the game, it's just frustrating when we can't play together without getting disconnected off the servers. We'll continue to play for sure! 
1 year 5 hours ago

So your partner who uses PS4 doesn't experience any such disconnection problems?

As the game hasn't yet been optimized to PS5 there can be issues with it unfortunately. As of now, I'm unable to tell anything about a possible optimization as the game's publisher is Nacon (formerly Bigben Interactive) on consoles but we will come out with some pretty good news regarding this question later in this first half of the year. But my comment here is an unofficial statement, please keep that in mind!

Moreover, to provide a better stability across all platforms we decided to create a brand new backend by the summer (we have been working on this already for some time now) which will be moved to a new server provider. With this, Inquisitor is expected to have much less backend-related issues (like disconnections). 

I'm aware that the things written above are things you have to wait for, however, I wanted to let you know that we are already on the problem, though it takes time to get things done.